Organic Textiles and Dyeing


At Lil HipStar, sustainability and living cleaning are two threads (no pun intended) through our ethos. "We recognise the impact that fast fashion can have on the environment. Manufacturing garments at the rate that the industry currently does leads to wasteful and harmful practices. Our love for the environment and our belief that every family should be nourished by the products that they consume or wear led us to think outside the box.

A major concern for us is the environmental impact fast fashion has on water reserves globally. The industry is one of the world’s largest contributors to pollution. Particularly during the dyeing process, a large quantity of water is irresponsibly used and polluted. This concern led us to develop a method of dyeing that not only makes the fabric more durable but the left over water is safe enough to be used to irrigate directly without having a harmful impact on the environment by elevating pollution levels." _Blara

What is Natural Dyeing? 

A lot of time and research was spent before we found a manufacturer that met all the requirements to deliver our customers a quality organic productWe found a fashion house that had a method of dyeing organic and natural fibres that would keep the integrity of the product

Using plants, fruits, and traditional Chinese medicinal products we were able to dye our funky and cool fabrics without adding harmful chemicals. As we do not use chemicals during our production, the colour may fade but when handled with care this would occur slowly. 

We do manufacture our product overseas because we do not have the methods or suppliers here in Australia to produce garments with this method.  We are confident in our choice and hope you can share in our love for this dyeing method.

To ensure the quality of the production, we have our own team that works with the facility that deals with fabric production, dyeing and manufacturing. All the workers in our facility are fairly paid and work reasonable hours as part of the Global Organic Textile Standards.

We hope that together we can change the dialogue in how organic goods are produced and producing products outside of Australia.




Through becoming a part of the Lil HipStar family you are directly pushing the fashion industry to change its practices. You as a consumer can help us!! Through desiring and purchasing sustainable and organic products you can make the most valuable impact on the environment. It is through market and consumer changes that the fashion industry as a whole can be pressured to make positive changes. We can all help to make the fashion industry accountable for environmentally irresponsible habits and help them change their practises.

Our clothing are designed with your health in mind.  All our garments are anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-virus, anti-inflammatory, anti-UV, germicidal, and aid in stimulating the circulation of blood. Lil HipStar has spent a lot of time researching and finding the right manufacturer for you.  We found the best natural fabrics and dye materials that would aid in nourishing our consumers on the outside.  Our skin is our biggest organ, so we should be mindful in how we treat it.  Just as we eat organic food which is good for our insides, wear organics on the outside is just as important. We are proud to provide you with a product that, due to the medicinal plants we use in the dying process.

It is our mission to provide a product that is not only good for your child and good for our environment. By purchasing a Lil HipStar garment you are helping us make positive changes for the fashion industry, your child and our environment.

About Us

Hi, I am Laura the owner and founder here at Lil HipStar.  First of all, thanks for taking the time to read about us!  Lil HipStar was started after I had our son Oliver who was born with a rare skull condition called craniosynostosis.  I decided returning to the world of corporate architecture wouldn't be the right solution for our family and the medical needs of Oliver.  So after (a lot of time in the hospital and a rollercoaster ride with medical appointments) I would embracing life's new journey.  I  was still passionate about designing and making and decided taking a new direction into fabric design and fashion.

I was also determined to promote education and awareness of craniosynostosis through raising money for charity for Oliver.  Lil HipStar dontates $1 of its proceeds to our charity for each order placed through our website.  I hope this figure increases with time when we become more established.  We hope you will support and follow both Oliver and Lil HipStar's journey through Facebook and Instagram.  #lilhipstar #mylilhipstar