What is Natural Dyeing? 

A lot of time and research was spent before we found a manufacturer that met all the requirements to deliver our customers a quality organic productWe found a fashion house that had a method of dyeing organic and natural fibres that would keep the integrity of the product

Using plants, fruits, and traditional Chinese medicinal products we were able to dye our funky and cool fabrics without adding harmful chemicals. As we do not use chemicals during our production, the colour may fade but when handled with care this would occur slowly. 

We do manufacture our product overseas because we do not have the methods or suppliers here in Australia to produce garments with this method.  We are confident in our choice and hope you can share in our love for this dyeing method.

To ensure the quality of the production, we have our own team that works with the facility that deals with fabric production, dyeing and manufacturing. All the workers in our facility are fairly paid and work reasonable hours as part of the Global Organic Textile Standards.

We hope that together we can change the dialogue in how organic goods are produced and producing products outside of Australia.