About Us

Hi there,

I am Laura the owner and founder at Lil HipStar.  First of all, thanks for taking the time to read about us and visit our website.  Lil HipStar was started after I had our son Oliver who was born with a rare skull condition called craniosynostosis.  I decided returning to the world of corporate architecture wouldn't be the right solution for our family or the medical needs of Oliver.  So after a lot of thought, I  embraced life's new journey.  I  was still passionate about designing and making and decided taking a new direction into fabric design and fashion.

I was also determined to promote education and awareness of craniosynostosis through raising money for charity for Oliver.  Lil HipStar dontates $1 of its proceeds to our charity for each order placed through our website.  I hope this figure increases with time when we become more established.  We hope you will support and follow both Oliver and Lil HipStar's journey through Facebook and Instagram.  #lilhipstar #mylilhipstar